September 7, 2011

Your First DSLR Kit!

So you've finally decided to pony up for a nice camera and start snapping those amazing photos you've seen posted on Flickr, your favorite blogs, the local newspaper, and magazines.  I hate to break it to you, but owning a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex camera) will NOT instantly allow you become a better photographer.

It won't.  If that's your plan, this is not the hobby for you.

A DSLR will allow you have the most control possible over your images.  It will also allow you to generate larger and more beautiful files.  And it will suck all of your money from you wallet.

I put together two DSLR kits every beginning photographer should start with, one Nikon and one Canon.  These kits will not break your bank, but they will offer years of quality images.

Rant #1:  I can care less about which brand I shoot.  Give me a camera and I will make images with it.  Cameras and lenses are tools. 
Rant #2:  Mega pixels do not matter!  Anything over 12MP is plenty.  Honestly.

Canon Kit:
Canon T2i with 18-55mm IS Lens -- $647.00
SanDisk 16 GB SD Card -- $25.00
Canon Spare Battery -- $39.50
Total = $711.50

Nikon Kit:
Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm VR Lens -- $649.00
SanDisk 16 GB SD Card -- $25.00
Nikon Spare Battery -- $46.00
Total = $730.00
Prices are from Nov. 21, 2011.  Click the links to see the current prices.

*Update Nov. 2011*
The prices of the Canon T2i and SanDisk SD card have dropped and the Nikon D3100 has increased.  This may be due to recent flooding in Thailand which damaged Nikon's factory.  Keep in mind that prices vary with supply, demand, inflation, and holidays.  Please take the following part of the original post with a grain of salt:

At first, it seems the Nikon is the better deal for the money.  The D3100 is newer than the T2i, its less expensive, and, well, that's about it.  Keep in mind that photography is an investment.  Nikon lenses are more expensive than Canon's.  I did not say better, I only said more expensive.

Watch this comparison by DigitalRev.  If you aren't yet, you should be following DigitalRev's weekly uploads.

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