Reading books, watching videos, and attending workshops are key to developing your photographic knowledge.  Below is a list of books, workshops and other forms of media that I find helpful.  Some items will have a detailed review while others only a quick description, please do not let that stop you from reading experiencing the media fully.

The Bookshelf is updated regularly.

People to Follow:

David duChemin is an amazing humanitarian photographer.  He focuses on the concepts of making images rather than the gear in his hands.  David duChemin is my photographic idol and a huge influence in my work.  Anything duChemin publishes, whether it be his blogbooks, or e-books are inspiring and full of great advice.

Chase Jarvis is another photographic hero of mine.  Chase runs a huge commercial photography business in Seattle, Washington.  Chase's work goes beyond commercial stills though.  He regularly makes videos with Nikon DSLR's and pushes creativity to its edge.  Be sure to follow Chase's blog and chase jarvis LIVE, a live interview with other creative individuals streamed about once a month.  If you have Twitter, be sure to follow Chase and interact during the interviews.

Steve McCurry is a photojournalism classic.  If you have seen "Afghan Girl" in National Geographic, then you have seen Steve's work.  His photos are extremely compelling.  The compositions, the shallow depth of field, the emotion; breathtaking.

Joe McNally is the man!  I have met Joe and I have joked with him.  Joe is exactly the way you portray him as you read his blog or books.  His photos are clean, his stories are hilarious, and he is extremely down to earth.  McNally knows his stuff.  Follow his work to have a better understanding of color and light.

Websites to Bookmark:

Burn Magazine is an online and print magazine for emerging photographers curated by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey.  Burn Magazine is updated at least three times a week and always has interesting and inspiring work.

MediaStorm is an awesome multimedia production studio which has a long list of clients, including: Starbucks Coffee, Refugees Reunited, and Council on Foreign Relations.  You can view a handful of breathtaking multimedia projects and seek online training on MediaStorm.  Multimedia is the combination of stills, video, and audio, and is known to be the future of the photo essay.

CPOY stands for College Photographer of the Year.  If you want to be a photojournalist, you must spend a lot of time on CPOY.  See what other photographers are shooting, how are they shooting their subjects, what stories they are covering.  Do your homework, get ideas, find stories, and then go shoot.  CPOY showcases the best photographers in the nation.  If you are looking for professional photojournalism work, this is your competition.

Flickr is the photographer's site by Yahoo.  Sign up for free, meet other photographers, join groups with common interests, and find tons of inspiration.  I use Flickr's search for location scouting and finding inspiration.

Books to Read:

Within the Frame by David duChemin
Vision & Voice by David duChemin
Photographically Speaking by David duChemin
Storytellers by Jerod Foster
The Inspired Eye 3 by David duChemin
Beyond Thirds by Andrew S. Gibson
Best Business Practices for Photographers by John Harrington
Vision Mongers by David duChemin
The Moment it Clicks by Joe McNally
Sketching Light by Joe McNally
Adventure Photography by Michael Clark
Making the Print by Martin Bailey


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