January 18, 2012

Book Review: Making the Print by Martin Bailey

Want to print that amazing image you captured of the fawn, drinking from a lake at sunset, during your last backcountry adventure?  Just slap the memory card in the printer and out comes that vibrant 8x10, right?


Making quality prints from your pixel rich DSLR is one of the most difficult and confusing processes in photography.  There are too many variables to simply plug and play for a quality image.  There's the paper brand and finish, color profiles, pixels per inch, cropping, borders, sharpening, and much, much more.  If that's the case, why not just take the file to Costco and let them print it?  Surely they know what they are doing.

Wrong!  The employees at Costco are no smarter than you when it comes to printing.  They simply plug your file into the computer, select the paper size and finish, and tell you, "It'll be done in one hour."

Enter fine art and commercial photographer, Martin Bailey, and his new Craft & Vision e-Book Making the Print.  Bailey walks us through the printing process from start to finish, discussing printers, papers, editing the image with prints in mind, color management and profiles, borders, and so much more.

Bailey's language is simple and easy to understand.  He breaks the 65 page e-book into two sections, Part One covers the basics, while Part Two discusses every aspect of the printing process in more in depth.

Use Adobe Lightroom?  Bailey's got you covered.  Use Adobe Photoshop?  He thought about you also.  What's that?  You use Apple Aperture?  Ouch!  Just teasing, Bailey kept you in mind as well.

At $5, the value of Making the Print is huge!  There is no reason not to purchase this book.  As a photographer, you are guaranteed to make at least one print during your career.  Whether it be for yourself, a friend, family member, or a client, Martin Bailey's e-Book can help you produce the highest quality prints possible.  If you don't buy Making the Print, you will easily spend more than $5 on ink and paper trying to figure out why the colors in your print are completely wrong.

Details about a Craft & Vision e-Book sale after the break!

Use coupon code PRINT4 to purchase Making the Print for only $4, or save 20% off 5 or more Craft & Vision e-Books with coupon code PRINT20.  Sale ends at 11:59pm PST on Jan. 21, 2012.


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