February 26, 2012

Simplicity with The Sartorialist

Fashion photographer, Scott Schuman, maintains The Sartorialist, a beautiful blog which relates the way he sees fashion and daily life.  Scott lives a successful visual life, having been on assignments with Vogue, GQ, American Photo, and New York Magazine.  His work is simple, consistent, and represents what you would experience on the streets of New York.

As seen in the Intel Visual Life documentary above, Scott takes the simplistic approach to photography.  He doesn't scare people away with large zoom lenses and bulky lighting setups.  Instead, he heads into New York City with only a Canon 5D Mark II and an 85mm f/1.2L II.   By traveling extremely light, Scott is able to ignore the desire to constantly change lenses.  Better yet, Scott is able to block the technicalities of photography equipment and fully engage in the experience upon him.

"Its almost like letting yourself fall in love everyday, letting yourself be seduced everyday."
 – Scott Schuman

Scott enjoys creating timeless images of the people who share New York City with him.  He also enjoys sharing his experiences with the world through The Sartorialist.  People watching may be the world's favorite hobby.  As the internet brings the world closer together, it provides us with a digital park bench.  As the global audience and players grow, the experiences to be had through people watching are endless.

Watch the video several times.  You will hear or see something you passed over on your first view.  Take Scott as motivation to leave your zoom lenses at home and enjoy a walk around the city with a fast prime lens during your lunch break or after work.  Develop your eye for composition, develop your light seeking abilities, but most of all, get lost in the experiences presented in front of you.

Post your images to Flickr, Google+, or Facebook, write a brief description of your experiences, and link to them in the comments below.  I love people watching and I would love to see what you have encountered in your life.

If you enjoy Scott Schuman's images on The Sartorialist, be sure to pick up his compact, yet hefty, 512 page coffee table book through Amazon.

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