June 17, 2012

5 Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

Did you forget to buy your awesome photographer Dad or husband a Father's Day gift?  Don't worry, here's a list of 5 photography gifts Dad will love.  The best part – you won't have to wait for shipping!

1.  Craft & Vision e-Books –  At only $5 each, these PDF e-books offer a ridiculous amount of photography education and are extremely portable.  Dad can load these e-books on his iPad, iPhone, laptop, or any other mobile device.

2.  David Hobby's "Lighting in Layers" DVD – If your Dad or husband is a serious photographer, chances are he's familiar with the Strobist blog.  David Hobby (aka Strobist) takes us on numerous editorial photo shoots, walking us through the technical aspects of his small flash setup and provides the conceptual context for why he's lighting his subjects the way he is.  The DVD is priced at $159.95, but you can skip the shipping by downloading the digital file for only $99.95.

Alternative = "One Light" by Zack Arias.  If you're Dad is new to flash photography, pick up Zack Arias' One Light DVD ($150) instead.  Arias covers the basics and shows you how to get amazing results with just one inexpensive compact flash.  Lighting in Layers is targeted for more advanced flash photographers.

3.  Ticket to WPPI U – Wedding & Portrait Photographers' International is a huge, week-long event held in Las Vegas, Nevada, every year.  During the summer WPPI offers a series of courses called WPPI University, which includes two days of classroom courses, a mini trade show, and portfolio reviews.  Attending WPPI is a sure fire way to becoming a better professional photographer, if that's what your Dad wants.  At $150, WPPI U is a bargain, especially since it includes a Conference pass to WPPI 2013 (a $300+ value).

Dates and Locations:
– June 25-26, Fairfield, New Jersey
– July 24-25, Atlanta, Georgia
– August 13-14, Las Vegas, Nevada
– September 5-6, Portland, Oregon

4.  Pre-Order Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake lens – This new Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake lens is a must-have!  It's less than an inch in length, built extremely well, has a silent autofocus motor, and only costs $199.  Pick this pancake lens up for the Dad who enjoys traveling or taking photos at family events.  The small price tag is great for you, while the small size of the lens will open him up to new photo opportunities.

5.  Anything on CreativeLive –  Online seminars and workshops are huge right now.  CreativeLive brings the best photographers to discuss and teach numerous types of photography every month.  You can purchase past workshops for $49-149 or sign Dad up for a future workshop for FREE.  Dad will be glued to his computer throughout the weekend, just be sure to get him a workshop he'll be interested in.

If you're a fantastic child or wife and have already shopped for your photography-loving father or husband, what did you buy him?  Share your gifts in the comments below.

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