October 23, 2012

Experience: Shooting the NLCS Game 7 (as a fan)

I had the great opportunity to shoot the NLCS elimination Game 7 between the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals last night.  The only side note: I bought a ticket as a fan.

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I am a huge baseball fan.  Better yet, I am a huge Giants fan!  When my sister suggested that we buy Game 7 tickets during the opening innings of Game 6, my response was, "Hell yeah!"  $155 per ticket seemed like a bargain considering I was going to have the baseball experience of a lifetime.  Add in the fact that any World Series ticket in the same seat is running over $400 on Stubhub, and this truly was a bargain.

As a photographer who is usually down in the pit or on field level, I couldn't leave my camera at home. Games like this are difficult to shoot in the pit or on the sidelines.  Often times, there are too many photographers bumping elbows trying to get the same photo.  Furthermore, if the team playing is your favorite, it's even more frustrating because you're not supposed to cheer while you're working.  Being in the crowd is so much more fun!

There was no pressure to meet deadline.  There was no need to catch that front page photo.  The only requirement was to pack light, bring beer money, and have a great time.  I accomplished all three and came home with a series of fun photos that tell the story of Game 7 from my perspective.

Please enjoy the slideshow from my experience at the game.  Go Giants!

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