July 3, 2011

The Dancing Streets of Hanoi

A taxi driver maneuvers his way through the motorbike infested streets of Hanoi, Vietnam.

The streets of Hanoi, Vietnam, are filled with motorbikes zooming past eachother.  Horns beeping and sandals skimming the pavement.  The few wealthy drive "motos" for air conditioning and the other larger cars are tac xi's and buses.

Upon arrival, I was amazed by the franticness of the roads.  There are no rules, only suggestions.  People drive on the opposite side of the barriers, take up two lanes, carry five to a motorbike, and go about their lives without much worry about the other drivers.

After taking some time to familiarize myself with the traffic, I have come to notice that the frantic driving behavior is more of a dance than anything else.  Its a beautiful dance between drivers and between vehicles.  Traffic is heavy, but vehicles never actually stop and even though cars come within inches of eachother, I have yet to see an accident.

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