September 21, 2011

Book Review: The Inspired Eye, Volume 3 by David duChemin

Are you in a photographic slump?  Are you having a hard time creating compelling photographs?  Or are you too busy calibrating your gear with printouts taped to the wall to actually get out and shoot?  If so, you need to read David duChemin's latest e-Book, The Inspired Eye 3.

David duChemin is a fantastic photographer (one of my idols) and a great writer.  He has published four print books and a handful of e-Books through Craft & Vision in the last four years.  All of them sticking with his motto, "Gear is good, Vision is better."  David is full of knowledge and isn't afraid to share it.  Trust me, take David up on his offer.

The Inspired Eye 3 is like sitting down with David for coffee at your local non-Starbucks cafe.  The location is small and intimate.  Magazines line the wall to your right, the coffee grinder buzzes along while people chat around the room and enjoy their drinks and scones.  For some reason, you decide to sit with your back towards the entrance.  You notice David's face wrapped with beautiful window light.  The scene is a Kodak Moment but you don't want to pull your camera out.  Nah!  What David has to say is far more important.  You know his thoughts are important because your surroundings go silent two minutes into the conversation.

David duChemin discusses the creative process and imagination of a photographer.  He offers guidance through the discussion of topics; including quantity, risk, play, trust, imitation, and solitude; which are directly correlated to imagination.
"... Imagination is not merely the children’s playground out of which we grow to maturity. The imagination is the place in which we begin to make real those things we generally call ideas." 
- David duChemin, The Inspired Eye 3
Instead of buying your typical Starbucks drink today, purchase The Inspired Eye 3.  You will learn a lot about the creative process and your photography will grow.  See more details below for purchasing The Inspired Eye 3 and all of David duChemin's other e-Books.

Pages from David duChemin's The Inspired Eye, Volume 3.

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