September 17, 2011

Putin's New Personal Photographer

Yana Lapikova at work.  © The Associated Press

White House photographers are nothing new.  Political personal photographers aren't recent trends in Europe either, however there is one photographer catching the world's eye recently.  In June, Vladimir Putin, Russia's Prime Minister and "Chuck Norris", hired Yana Lapikova, 25, as his personal photographer.

So why is the world obsessed with Yana Lapikova?  Because she's a total babetron!  Lapikova is a former Miss Moscow contestant and has some sexy modeling under her belt.  The media is questioning Lapikova's credentials and claiming she doesn't have the experience needed to photograph Putin, who may be running for president in 2012.

According to Lapikova's Facebook profile, she graduated with a journalism degree in 2010, which makes her equally qualified to be a photojournalist as the next schmuck.  Is everyone concerned that she's a model turned photographer?  If that's the case, check out the very successful model turned photographer, Peter Hurley.

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