September 12, 2011

News: Craft & Vision - Photographer's Community

Click the image for more information on the Craft & Vision Photographer's Community.

David duChemin and the rest of his gremlins at Craft & Vision have done it again.  Not only do they regularly publish awesome photography eBooks, they have recently announced a photographer's community.

Now you may be thinking, How is this different than any other photography forum online?  Well for starters, you have to pay to join this community.  Before September 30, 2011, the promo price is $89/year.  But wait... there's more!

The Craft & Vision Photographer's Community is loaded with a years worth of photographic education:

-  A monthly podcast hosted by Matt Brandon and David duChemin, two of the worlds finest humanitarian photographers.  The podcast will include image critiques from The Community (the subscribers) and cover topics to make you a stronger photographer.  Matt and David know what they are talking about, so bust out that notebook.
-  A blog, which if kept at David duChemin's standards, will be updated multiple times a week with topics and discussions that go beyond gear and into deeper, conceptual, ideas about making images.
-  12 Craft & Vision eBooks!  Subscribers will receive one eBook per month for the entire year.  That is an amazing amount of material to read.  As a bonus, when new eBooks are released, subscribers will also have access to those as well.
-  Monthly Giveaways!  (Enough said)
-  20% discounts on the full Craft & Vision library!  If the 12 included eBooks weren't enough, purchase more reading material at a discounted rate!  This discount pops up on C&V once in a while but to have it available daily is a nice.  Especially if you are going on a business trip and want reading material for the flight.

The learning will have you making compelling images in no time!

Click the image at the top of this post for more information on the Craft & Vision Photographer's Community

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