October 31, 2011

Think Tank Photo Modular Pouch - Blowout SALE!

Yesterday I wrote about the updated Think Tank Photo Modular and Skin components.  Today, I am offering my thoughts and advice.

The updates to the Modular components are nice and offer a few benefits, mainly moving the rain fly to its own zippered pocket at the bottom of the pouch.  On the original Modular components, the rain fly would sit inside the pouch.  The Modular components have been the standard pouch system among photojournalists, wedding, and sports photographers.  Many photographers would remove the rain fly when the forecast looks good.

If you like the cosmetic changes and the added features, which I do, then sign up to be the first to know when the new components are available in December.  If you don't find the updates necessary, save money and purchase the original Modular components while supplies last!

The Think Tank Photo Lens Changer 50 V2 now incorporates a zippered pouch for the rain fly.

The Skin components were much newer products compared to the Modular components.  The updates are minor and mainly cosmetic.  With this, I see no benefit in waiting till December for cosmetic changes.  You can purchase the original Skin components at a discounted price until Think Tank Photo runs out.

I currently use the Skin components and absolutely love them.  I prefer the top flap, the front zippered pocket, and the interior modularity with the included Velcro divider over the padding in the Modular components.

My suggestion:  Purchase the original Skin components and save money!

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