December 26, 2011

News: The Bookshelf has been Updated!

Christmas brought a few new photography books to my Bookshelf, including Joe McNally's massive Sketching Light and Jerod Foster's Storytellers.

After an initial flip-through, Sketching Light looks to be a comprehensive update to Joe McNally's previous books, The Moment it Clicks and The Hot Shoe Diaries.  McNally discusses lighting modifiers, TTL triggering (and its limitations), lighting techniques, and the use of any number of lights.  McNally also includes behind the scenes sketches to his photos, something he hasn't included in his past books.

Storytellers is a much smaller book in comparison but will be a great read based on chapter one.  Jerod Foster covers a broad range of topics which concentrate on telling better stories with our images.  Topics include technical aspects, style, research, telling your story, and the storytelling workflow.  Icing on the cake: Foster adds a broader perspective to his book by interviewing several photographers who are strong storytellers.

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