December 18, 2011

Canon Professional Services (CPS)

Canon Professional Services (CPS) is a support program offering exceptional benefits for full-time professional photographers.  Benefits include:
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Select event and show support
  • Repair discount
  • Expedited repair turnaround
  • Free repair return shipping
  • Limited number of Clean & Checks
  • Service Loaner
  • Equipment Evaluation Loan
  • Discounted Canon Learning Live Seminars

The biggest benefit Canon offers with CPS is time.

Lets start with the phone call.  CPS has a direct 24/7 domestic and international hotline.  No matter where I am or what time it is, I can call CPS.  The phone technicians are knowledgeable and can get my repair process as quickly as possible.

Next is the actual repair.  CPS guarantees a 3 day turnaround for all repairs.  Add a day for shipping to Canon and another day for return shipping brings the total to five business days for a full repair.  Although I have had good luck with Canon consumer services in the past, its not uncommon for a consumer repair to take two to three weeks.  If Canon cannot get a part for my repair and it does take more than 3 days, they will send me a service loaner.  Essentially this keeps my bag full and keeps me shooting.

Icing on top.  CPS members receive repair discounts, repair return shipping, free Clean & Checks, a welcome gift, and evaluation loans.  All of these keep my business profitable.  CPS allows me to keep my equipment clean and working properly without breaking the bank.

I strongly feel that CPS is a great program all working professionals should be a part of.  Its nice to have quick and personal support in the case your equipment fails.  In the case that your equipment makes it through the year with no hiccups, you'll have some nice swag, a clean sensor, and accurate AF.

For more information on professional services, visit the sites below:

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