December 16, 2011

Photography Holiday Buyer's Guide

Gifts Under $50

These gifts are all about getting the most bang-for-the-buck.  Whether they are for yourself or a loved one, these are sure to bring a smile to the receiver's face.  Some items make life easier, while others make us more knowledgeable.  Whatever their purpose, I have used or read each of these products and stand behind them.

At $5 a piece, these pdf downloads are hard to beat.  Topics include making better black and white images, boosting creativity, strobist techniques, and building a deeper frame.

Great photography Books:

Think Tank Photo Pixel Pocket Rocket
The Pixel Pocket Rocket is the best CF card holder on the market in my opinion. It holds 10 CF cards, business cards, and latches onto your belt or bag loops with a lanyard.  The soft material ensures comfort in your pants pocket.

SanDisk 8GB CF memory Card
Some people prefer shooting with the larger 16GB card.  I like to go with the 8GB cards to prevent major data loss in the case of a corrupt card.

Take that camera off your neck and carry the weight on your shoulders.  The RS-7 is extremely comfortable and makes hauling your camera around town fun again.  Don't worry about Black Rapid products being beefy enough to haul your gear; they are!  I've hauled a 400mm f/2.8L IS from my RS-7 with no issues.

If you shoot live music or any other event with loud ambient noise, pick up a set of these Etymotic earplugs.  They offer better hearing protection and more comfort over foam plugs.  If you have smaller than average ear canals, pick up a set of the smaller "Baby Blues" (blue tips).

This is a great 6' light stand for Speedlites.  It holds up to a compact 19", is extremely light, and durable.  If you're a strobist on the move or someone just treading the waters of off-camera flash, this is the light stand to have.  Pair this stand up with a Westcott 43" collapsible umbrella, which is just as compact, and you have a lighting kit that can do just about everything. Don't forget you need an umbrella adapter as well.

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