April 2, 2012

Think Tank Photo's April Gift

The great folks at Think Tank Photo are offering a fantastic gift this April – a free Pro Speed Belt with every StreetWalker Pro or StreetWalker Hard Drive backpack order.  More details after the banner.

Free Padded Belt

The padded Pro Speed Belt is light, comfortable, and somewhat easy to pack.  You can add it to either backpack for more support while carrying heavier loads (the backpacks will carry a ton).  Better yet you can use the Pro Speed Belt with a few Modular or Skin pouches for a streamlined and efficient workflow.  And, if you want carry a lot of gear and have easy access to lenses, you can use all three products together.

To save you some time with belt fitting, I am 6'7" tall, wear a 36x36 pant, and use a Medium-Large Pro Speed Belt.

The StreetWalker Hard Drive is the largest backpack of Think Tank Photo's line.  It can carry a mammoth 400mm f/2.8 IS lens, a few other smaller lenses, a pro body, and a 15" laptop.  The final weight of the bag is will be the limiting factor, not its size.  Speaking of size, the StreetWalker HD meets domestic carry-on regulations.

The StreetWalker Pro is smaller and more streamlined than the StreetWalker HD.  The StreetWalker Pro will carry up to a 400mm f/2.8 IS with pro body attached, but there is little room for anything else.  The StreetWalker Pro also does not have a laptop slot.

If neither of these backpacks will carry the gear you need to transport, take a look into Think Tank Photo's rolling Airport series of bags.  Although the rollers are much more expensive, they are even more spacious, built like tanks, and won't break your back heading to the ballpark.  The price difference between an Airport roller and a StreetWalker backpack is far less than back surgery.

Think Tank Photo is offering a free Pro Speed Belt with every StreetWalker Pro and StreetWalker Hard Drive until April 30, 2012.  Be sure to get yours before they run out.


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